Sunday, 9 December 2012

Weekly Roundup

I mentioned before that every year I buy one new bauble and try to make one. This year my purchase was the Christmas pudding bell, it was only £2 from Sainsburys but I love it nonetheless. 
Although it hasn't been put up yet, my parents Christmas tree is my favourite. Nearly every bauble has memories attached to it from when my sisters and I were young. My Mum even has a bauble that was bought the year her brother was born.  That got me thinking that it would be nice to make my Christmas tree full of memories for the future. I decided to make a bauble that represents an event from 2012 and so it had to be the birth of my niece, Emma. The polka dot E is for her.

Here is our tree this year. Unfortunately our fairy lights have stopped working so its not living up to its fully potential just yet!

I bought this sheep skin coat from my local charity shop. It was originally to sell in my Etsy shop but I tried it on and it is so toasty warm that I'm not sure I want to give it away!
My new iPhone case! I actually bought this as a little stocking filler for a friend but fell in love with it and just had to order one for myself! 
I bought a new crockery set today as our current set is a bit chipped now. I saw these in Matalan on Saturday but decided I had to go back and buy them today. A 12 piece set was only £10, but they are excellent quality and I think they look more expensive. 

 I think you have to treat yourself to a few bits and bobs while you are doing all that Christmas shopping for your friends and family. Have you bought any treats for yourself this month?

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