Sunday, 21 April 2013

Thirfty Finds

It has been quite a successful weekend of second hand shopping for me. On Saturday I went to a jumble sale in Hathersage. I don't think that I was quite prepared for how busy it was going to be, perhaps the size of the queue 45 minutes before opening should have given me a clue. When the doors finally opened it was absolute carnage, there were grannies climbing over each other to get to the piles of clothing. I could understand why though as absolutely everything was 30p, and at that price people were grabbing armfuls of clothing. I did manage to get a few things including a sparkly top, evening gown, belt and pillow cases. Here is a sneaky picture my boyfriend took...

This wasn't even at fully capacity! I would have liked to stay longer but my boyfriend had backed in to a corner and taken a defensive stance so I took the hint that it was probably time to go home. Next time I will be better mentally prepared for a scrummage. Today I went to a car boot sale at Bakewell which was also quite successful, you can see some of my goodies below.

1. Aqua pleated midi skirt
2. 1970s pleated midi skirt
3. 1960s full length evening gown
4. Set of 5 vintage pillow cases
5. Vintage silk look top
6. Vintage 1980s strapless dress
7. Pyrex carafe with gold starburst pattern
8. Vintage leather handbag
9. Vintage leather belt with brass 'B' buckle
10. Brass geometric cuff
11. Vintage 1960s rhinestone necklace
12. Vintage 1970s pussybow dress 

And I have been saving my best find until last, how absolutely fabulous is this original 1920s beaded dress? It has some holes in it and some of the beading has come away in parts but it really is stunning. 

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